We specialise in residential garden maintenance and understand that a professionally managed landscaped garden not only adds aesthetics, it also adds value to your property. Our services not only include professional garden care, we also record each visit to your home which we add to our database. Doing this allows us to monitor our previous maintenance works visits and any requirements needed for the future such as fertilising and mulching.

As we are trained horticulturists we understand that every garden is different, different soils provide different outcomes to your plants, some plants require different fertilisers such as certain natives require a low phosphorus fertiliser. We know these things because this is what we do. Also being qualified horticulturists we can suggest the best plants for your new garden. Whether it's a formal garden with a box hedge or a low maintenance water-wise garden, we can manage your garden to become the best it can be.

Every garden is different and has different requirements and outcomes depending on what you want from your garden. We can work with you to set in place a completely managed maintenance service to suit your needs so you can concentrate on other things. Call us today to discuss a tailored maintenance program for your garden. If you want a regular visit we can do weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even a one off visit. It's up to you.

Landscaping Maintenance Services we offer

 Lawn Mowing and Whippersnipping
 Weed Control
  Greenwaste Removal
  Mulching and Planting
 High Pressure Path Cleaning
  Pest and Disease Control
 Pruning and Hedging
  Turf Management
  Tree Management