Irrigation is a very important component of a landscape garden. An irrigation system will keep your garden to an optimum level by controlling the amount of water delivered to your lawn and garden areas.

Our new installations include Hunter products with HR WiFi/XCORE controllers, PGPs and Mp Rotator water wise pop-up sprinklers. New WiFi controllers make irrigating a breeze. With the capacity to turn your system on from your phone via an app from anywhere in the world, these new controllers also take into account local weather conditions and can be adjusted to suit, if programmed to local weather conditions, it will water accordingly.

Installing a new irrigation system will give you peace of mind that your landscape investment continues to grow and prosper.

Water Related Products

We can set-up and install / maintain the following water related products:

 Wifi and Standard Irrigation Controllers
  Drip Irrigation
 Lawn Sprinklers
  Garden Sprays
  Water Feature Connections

As part of our regular maintenance services, we can ensure that your irrigation is kept in great working order. We believe that prevention is the best form of cure. Each visit we run each station, check for faults and repair as needed. Leaving you to concentrate on other things and giving you peace of mind that your system is working to its optimum best.