We think differently about how you interact with your outdoor space. The modern garden has become an extension of the home and it seems there are no limitations to what a garden can become or how you can use your outdoor space. The materials that can now be utilised to create this extension are endless. We have been constructing outdoor exteriors for over 15 years and know what it takes to achieve the desired result using the best locally sourced materials for your project.


While in the construction phase there are simple rules that are fundamental to any construction project. A clean work site is an organised work site and our continued communication with our client ensures the end result is exactly what you want. We document and photograph your project every step of the way so you know your project has been constructed to the highest quality and in most cases we construct above and beyond industry standards.


Our reputation for being professional, courteous and collaborative ensures you get the right landscape solution for every situation. We are qualified licensed structural landscapers and know the specifications for every construction method during installation. This is your guarantee.

Construction Services

All types of paving including: natural stone, crazy paving, brick paving and cobbles.
Decking, pergolas, screens and free-standing structures.
Timber, masonry, natural stone, stone cladding, timber, link block and rendered finishes.
Pathways and driveways in different techniques including exposed aggregate.
Custom built water features, ponds and fountains icluding concrete, stone or rock.



Irrigation sprays and driplines with latest technology controllers.
Low voltage lighting (12v) for lighting pathways, water features and feature plant uplights.
Ground preparation, planting, mulching and turfing.
We understand soil structure, profiles and plant nutrition to give you the best drainage solutions.
We maximise the use of plants and trees to minimise energy use, improve the look and add value to your property!