Soft Landscaping

Plant growth depends on access to water, light, temperature, air and nutrients. Soil is vital for plant growth as it provides all of those plus a medium for plant roots. Water can come from rainfall or irrigation, and most traditional plants require a constant moist layer of soil just below the surface. Soil can usually be amended with compost, gypsum, lime and fertilisers to encourage health, growth and flowering.

The Foliage Landscapes team are qualified in horticulture and can work with the current structure of your garden to rejuvenate its present look. Some of the soft landscaping services we offer include:

Soils – soil types, associated problems and rectification for healthy plant growth

Turfing – Soil preparation, laying turf, species selection and lawn alternatives, weed control and maintenance requirements

Tree and Shrub Planting – Understanding tree roots, pruning requirements, fertilising, applying sufficient water, pest and disease control, and suggestions of what to grow.

Mulching – Organic and inorganic, bark mulches, ideal depths for water penetration