04 Jul 2019

Water Features

Water features can provide tranquility and a feel of a natural environment. The type of water feature or pond should have a connection with the garden, and the size of your property will determine how big your water feature will be.

Water features can attract birds and wildlife, and can be used as a natural habitat for fish. Plants can be added to provide food and shelter promoting a healthy pond ecology.

Foliage Landscapes has installed many unique water features throughout Townsville. There are three main styles, formal, informal and natural and can be created using various materials. The combination of sound, movement and reflection are what takes your outdoor space to the next level.

22 Jul 2015

Timber work

Decking is a great way to increase the living space of your outdoor area. There are endless design possibilities for entertaining areas, and a variety of materials from Australian hardwoods to composite decking. Hardwoods are durable and their natural aesthetics blend seamlessly with the outdoors. Composite decking is a manufactured material that is virtually maintenance free and comes in a variety of colours.

Pergolas vary is shapes and sizes according to your needs and create a point of interest. You can add colours, screens or a trellis for plants.

Screens are perfect for privacy or to conceal an unsightly area. Horizontal or vertical slats of varying widths made to any size using a variety of hardwoods.

Fencing protects your property and adds street appeal. Treated pine palings provide privacy and when painted in any colour you desire will look great for years. For additional privacy add a slatted timber screen on top!


22 Jul 2015

Soft Landscaping

Plant growth depends on access to water, light, temperature, air and nutrients. Soil is vital for plant growth as it provides all of those plus a medium for plant roots. Water can come from rainfall or irrigation, and most traditional plants require a constant moist layer of soil just below the surface. Soil can usually be amended with compost, gypsum, lime and fertilisers to encourage health, growth and flowering.

The Foliage Landscapes team are qualified in horticulture and can work with the current structure of your garden to rejuvenate its present look. Some of the soft landscaping services we offer include:

Soils – soil types, associated problems and rectification for healthy plant growth

Turfing – Soil preparation, laying turf, species selection and lawn alternatives, weed control and maintenance requirements

Tree and Shrub Planting – Understanding tree roots, pruning requirements, fertilising, applying sufficient water, pest and disease control, and suggestions of what to grow.

Mulching – Organic and inorganic, bark mulches, ideal depths for water penetration

22 Jul 2015


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03 Jun 2015

Retaining Walls

Installed for both aesthetic and functionality, retaining walls can help you make better use of your space and add architectural interest.

They can be simple and unobtrusive, create interesting shifts in dimensions, tie the landscape scene together, create new planting opportunities, or simply form an art piece on its own. There are a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to creating your own outdoor perspective.

Masonry is timeless and can fit into nearly any type of garden depending on the type of stone. They can make a garden look more natural particularly with plants cascading over the edge, alternatively they can be used to create defined zones. With so much texture, shape and colour it’s a great way to add personality.

Steel provides a slim profile, perfect for a small outdoor area where you want the beds to be defined but with less bulky perimeter.

Rock boulders can create an informal look.

Interlocking blocks or Link block overlap creating a shadow effect. They come in a variety of contemporary colours and suitable for curved walls or rounded corners.

Block can be constructed in a number of different ways. Simply stacked or capped tops with matching or contrasting materials give a more elegant appearance and dual function as seating. Coloured split face for a natural stone look, or smooth block finished with a rendered surface using either coloured oxide or painted any colour you desire.

Timber look works well for traditional and more contemporary gardens.