Foliage Landscapes provides a comprehensive range of landscaping services and solutions boosted by 17 years  of landscape constructionexperience across a broad spectrum of projects. At Foliage Landscapes, we believe that our quality is the number one priority. We do not make compromises on construction methods and we ensure that the detail to the finished product is second to none. Things can change on the job site on a daily basis with hidden challenges, so any solution is well thought out from functionality to creativity and discussed in detail before being implemented. When all the small details are done correctly, this creates perfection. That’s why most of our work is from referrals from previous clients.

Our approach results in innovative and creative landscapes with a high standard of workmanship. Foliage Landscapes also ensure all our suppliers meet the Australian Standards with the products we use. We take time to source the best and correct product for the application and our suppliers are proud to supply us the best quality product as they know it also helps their business grow. With industry memberships such as Landscape Qld you can trust and rely on Foliage Landscapes to build your dream landscape. 


"James and his crew have made a phenomenal difference to our gardens at our newly renovated home. They knew right away how to design them to fit the natural environment, and carried out the works in a very creative, efficient and easy way. Their availability and high standard of work are also the reasons why we have chosen them to continue to maintain and nurture our gardens."